WELCOME to International Office


Anna Kuznetcova, Head of the International Office
Mariia Ovchinnikova, Vice-Head of the International Office
Roman Gureev, coordinator

Polina Khudova, coordinator
Ludmila Logunova, tutor

The international connections with different partners are constantly developing. At present, we have more than 35 partnership agreements with international colleagues. Students take part in the exchange programmes with the South - Korean University of Jungwon, educational institutions of China, Poland and Finland.

Our key points:

  • Development of the academic and educational links with foreign partners, educational institutions, agents;
  • Academic exchange programmes;
  • Recruitment of foreign students;
  • Internships;
  • Conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops;
  • Russian as a Foreign Language course for foreign students.


Main geographical zones :

  • France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland, Great Britain, Cyprus, Malta;
  • China, Vietnam, South Korea;
  • Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Belarus.


142611, Moscow Region,


Zelyonaya Street, 22

Building № 2, 3d floor, office 63

e-mail: inter@ggtu.ru



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Information contact

Ovchinnikova Mariya  -  8 968 723 45 42

Fomina Aleksandra  -    8 917 553 75 77