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State University of Humanities and Technology today is
- Modern campus:
- the territory of 37 hectares
- 15 academic buildings,
- 9 student residences,
- training workshops,
- laboratory building,
- sports and training halls,
- student canteens and cafes
- flower gardens and fountains,
- agrobiological station
- Museum of Institute History and Zoological Museum.


- Educational activity is carried out in the following areas of training and specialties of higher education:

- pedagogical education;
- psychological and pedagogical education;
- special (defectological) education;
- law;
- pharmacy;
- linguistics;
- tourism;
- management;
- state and municipal management.


-Educational activity is carried out in the following areas of training and specialties of secondary professional education:
- pre-school education;
- special pre-school education;
-social work;
- document management and archival science;
- maintenance and repair of motor transport;
- electrification of agriculture;
- mechanization of agriculture;
- organization of transportations and management on motor transport;
- quality examination of consumer goods;
- hotel service;
- jurisprudence.


- Programs of training of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate study, professional retraining, additional professional education.

- Qualified teaching staff.

- Scientific directions in the field of pedagogy and professional education, national history, criminal law and criminology, the Russian language and literature, literature of the peoples of foreign countries, physiology and biochemistry of plants.

- Scientific, scientific-methodological and educational-methodical conferences of different levels, from international to regional ones.

- Educational and scientific laboratories, computer classes, lecture audiences equipped with modern equipment.

- Innovation Centers and laboratories.

The system of social partnership (cooperation agreements with "Likino Bus Plant", "EcoLab", "Research and Production Enterprise" Respirator ", All-Russian Research Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology of Rosselkhozakademiya, “Michelin “, " Pharmacy Chain 36.6 "), cooperation agreements with educational organizations of various levels of education.

- Student self-government.

- Sports club "Leader" (volleyball, mini-football, aerobics, table tennis).

- Choreographic ensemble, studio of choral singing, Club of cheerful and resourceful, literary-artistic association "Branches".


- International cooperation in the field of culture and education.

The University has created a modern infrastructure that allows to work in the direction of International cooperation . To date 35 cooperation agreements with international partners, within the framework of which in the 2015-2016 academic year 9 study visits of students abroad were organized: to China, Great Britain, Finland, Bulgaria, Vietnam. 59 students of various faculties participated in the programs: foreign languages, philological, pedagogical, computer science, physics and mathematics, psychology, socio-economic, pharmaceutical, historical.


University is a dynamically developing resource center focused on the formation of a professional and competent body of pedagogical staff of Moscow region.


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